3 sneaker styles that will prove its versatility

After the standardization of the urban mood in everyday looks, the sneakers took over the female wardrobe, and we guarantee, it won’t leave any soon. There will always be that one you count on to make your outfit full of style and comfort. 
In addition to being democratic, sneakers are very versatile. Besides composing the already trend confirmed sporty looks, they can also be part of more elegant compositions, where the chosen clothes come from tailoring inspired world, mixing the two aesthetics, as they become unusual and of course, very stylish. Ow, and without forgetting the ones with a more delicate and feminine vibe, combining tennis with dresses and skirts is also super charming.
We have separated 3 styles of sneakers: the platform sole, which is more basic and traditional. The jogging soles with their runner vibe, and the robust sneaker from the 90s, the famous chunky or dad sneakers. For each of them, we will propose different ideas, using the same shoe, to show that sneakers are very functional and can accompany us on different occasions. Let's check it out.
Starting with the platform sneakers, that even with a more basic sole, combine with everything and are still incredibly comfortable. And just look at how perfectly they match with various styles, as we mentioned earlier.
Details make the difference… look at these stripes on the side of the sneaker, do or don’t they give it a totally renewed look?
                                         black platform sneakers 
Jogging tennis, on the other hand, are the ones inspired on the running shoes. They bring a very strong sporty footprint and it’s possible to combine them with different references making any look more interesting. See how it also navigates in different styles: sweatshirt outfits, skirts, and even long dresses, as in the pictures below perfectly match these kinds of shoe.
        Blue sneaker                     Pink sneaker                         Camo sneaker
Last but not least, we show you the chunky sneaker. It is a more robust sneaker, which gives a lot of personality to the look. We can see that it transits perfectly between the worlds of basic, elegant and feminine looks. Look at that:
                                         Blue and Yellow Platform Sneaker 


So, after all these inspirations and proves that sneakers, whatever the style you choose, is super versatile, have you decided which one you will choose to call yours? On our website (https://dparz.com/collections/sneakers) we have options for all these tastes, and for sure you will find your ideal model and will be able to put together wonderful looks for different occasions. Don't miss out on this trend!