FABULOUS Fun with Dee!



Deirdre Mahon has a background as a freelance makeup artist for Estee Lauder and Lancome before starting her business, DeeVa GLAM.

Specializing in flawless skin, smoldering eyes, shimmering lips, and the one to go to if you want to look 'glamorous' but still classy.

Deirdre is on a mission to influence and inspire women to embrace their feminine and live in a more exciting world of GLAM that empowers them to live their best and most adventurous life.

Dee, as her friends call her, understands the challenges that keep you from making yourself a ‘priority’, and feeling seen and still feminine. A woman taking care of herself in body, mind and spirit. Dee believes it’s FUN being a woman, and if you aren’t having fun ...you should start.

Midlife is not the time to stop having fun or taking care of yourself.

It’s the time to TURN ON all your magic in full force. As a GLAM Strategist, Dee is available to help you embrace your feminine through makeup for ‘special events', 'private makeup /skin care lessons' at her home studio, 'small home group lessons', or through her NJ small and intimate workshops'. 

Stay tuned for her book coming out soon about her life's journey, her struggles, and how to never give up on yourself or your passion and find your way back to a life of GLAM. 

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We'll be hosting an Exclusive Complimentary

Beauty Brunch Seminar with Dee!


Feeling good and looking good go hand in hand.

We want to empower women by making them feel confident and beautiful while staying comfortable. As Dee says, glamour is a state of mind! With that said, nothing quite beats the feeling of strutting your stuff with ease in a comfortable pair of shoes!

Check out our most Glamorous Collection yet! 

If heels aren't quite your style, have no fear!

We have plenty options to spice up you look! 

Check out our Majestic Medium Heels! 

Dee will be doing a makeup demonstration so you can watch and learn from the best! 

The first 10 women that sign up will receive 10 minutes each with Dee to ask one pressing makeup or skincare question and receive 15% off a private lesson with her for another time!

Every woman attending will receive 10% off a private lesson with Dee.

Dee will be also providing skin care tips, and sharing her tricks on how to add some fun GLAM to your life!  

Look and feel STUNNING in a gorgeous pair of Dparz shoes while you learn from the best! 

Again, there's only 10 VIP spots available, so hurry! If you wish to attend please