Awaken Your Sole

Are you Tired no matter what you do?

Then we have an event for you!

We want to help you Awaken your "sole"

Your strength and vibrancy come when your grounded in the earths and your very own energy!

How you feel in your body and about yourself is the determining point of your reality. *

It takes a system to be in harmony, to get the most energy. It starts with an awakened soul that is thriving.

Pure Potential natural juice that vigorously helps alkalize your body for enhanced health and anti aging effects. 

 It's easier to avoid temptation when your bodies satisfied!

Certified Well being coach Marlo Gruber will explain the importance of an awakened soul and the basics to opening it. Included we will have free tools for you to experiment with.

Free kinesiology- energy evaluation

Sandra Delcioppio, a natural healer will be here to help you balance your energy and learn to trust your intuition with kinesiology and flower essence

Free restoration juice sampling
Free sampling of chakra healing music 

And shoes to try on to ignite your self expression

Have some fun, gain inner strength , learn how to be fulfilled & self express while you try on shoes and listen to music that will help you de-stress...



If the shoe fits - we will help your "sole" dance!

Your gonna love the way you feel!!