Cleanse Your Energy to Attract Positivity Into Your Life

Clearing negativity from your space and yourself it’s not a new trend.

Energy cleansing is an ancient practice that is extremely effective.


But first, let's talk a little bit about energy and how it gets imprinted into your physical space and your energy field or aura. If you are a business owner or an individual who is constantly interacting with other people due to the nature of your job or business, you must know that you are exposed to the effects of their emotional baggage or emotional imprint.


Emotional imprint is an exchange of energy, every time you have a conversation with someone else you are having an energy exchange. Sometimes after a conversation you feel alive and invigorated, other times your energy feels low and drained. This is one way of noticing how other people’s emotional imprints are impacting you.


As we all know, social interaction must continue. This is why keeping your physical spaces and yourself clear from these stagnant energies is a must. I have a few tips to help you accomplish your cleansing.


Cleaning your closet and office space from time to time to improve the energy flow. You can donate shoes, clothing or get rid of items that are no longer needed. You’ll be clearing the energy pathway and also creating good Karma.


This is the list of situations where clearing is highly recommended:


  • When moving to a new space or when selling your home
  • If you often work with energetically “draining” clients or people
  • After you removing clutter from your space, old shoes, clothing, etc.
  • When you have a new project or new beginning
  • After a major transition, new job or change
  • After a divorce or a relationship break up
  • After an illness or death
  • After a very charge conversation or argument with spouse or children
  • When getting an antique or second-hand item or piece of furniture


When clearing space and negativity from your home, business, workplace or anywhere you are creating a conducive environment to bring more clarity, calmness, organization, and abundance into your life. It’s is letting go of the old and make space for the new…

Therefore, it is recommended that a deep energy clearing is performed at least four to three times a year by an experienced professional or a shaman.

 This is a trait inherited from my father. This tradition is passed from generation to generation.

 To learn more about clearing negativity from your space and yourself and to receive a personal blessing  Check my blog: The path of the Modern-day Shaman


 Sending love and healing light!


 Yudy – Emotional & Spiritual Guide

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